Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It’s an Abomination, I tell you!

Well, I finally wrapped up my collection of Incredible Hulk Burger King toys. The final figure is the Abomination tossing a dumpster (perhaps I’ll post another vid of Iron Monger pounding the Abomination). Anyway, if you look close at the picture, you can see a poster of Spidey that is hanging on the far wall of my office.

Also posted, it the promised picture (blurry again, sorry guys) of the Christmas ornament that my kids got me, you can almost see it says #1 Dad in the banner at the bottom (which is why it hangs in my office all year rather than just on the tree in December).

OK, so now that I have gotten all of the superhero-movie fast food tie-in toys that are currently available, I’ll now have to go back to writing about comics for a bit. Which is cool, because I have some more Indie comics that were produced by my friends that I’d like to discuss.

Now, I have to go back to some paying work.


Reggie White Jr. said...

Nice score! Looks like you got a nice office to. My apartment is decorated with Spidey action figures, Spidey posters, Spidey books, all the stuff that really isn't gonna get me anywhere in life. =)

Tommy said...

That ornament is sweet. :)

rjsodaro said...

Yeah, my kids seem to like me, and indulge me in my affliction. In fact my son, Dylan, purchased a Spidey garbage pale for me one year that now sits next to my side of the bed. (Remind me to snap a pic of that soon, and post it.)