Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spidey in an egg

Well, not really an egg, but a plastic egg; the kind you find in toy stores, diners, and (some) fast food places. Saturday I took my daughter and her friend to lunch at a local Duchess (a local fast food chain in my area), and was checking out the toy dispensers that they have near the door (sometimes that have a Spidey toy in that arm-grabber device), and well — lo and behold — they did have a machine that dispensed Marvel-related toys.

So, for a buck I figured that I’d indulge myself, and wow, wouldn’t you know? I came out with a Spidey toy! Better yet, it is that classic John Romita, Sr. pose of Spidey clinging to the brick wall. There was another Spidey figure (also a Cap, and a Hulk, and perhaps a Wolverine), but I only had four quarters. Still, to hit Spidey on the first try I thought was pretty cool.


Reggie White Jr. said...

Bob can I be you for a day? It sounds like a lot of fun and you get a lot of cool toys.

rjsodaro said...

Reggie, you get the award for saying the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.

Tommy said...


Years ago, I saw a dispenser of Marvel stickers based upon the trading cards from the early 90's.

I got Thanos if I recall.