Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dilbert Rules

As a certifiable geek-ball and funnybook fan I obviously love the comic strip Dilbert. I think that this is one of the funniest strips out there. In fact, I enjoy this strip so much, every year, for Christmas, my wife purchases me a gag-a-day, Dilbert desk calendar. Well, I recently came across these two strips which totally cracked me up, because a good friend of mine (Ed Traquino by name) is, well a Limy and I thought of him when I read this (Oh yea, Ed, like me is a member of CAG).

These are for you Ol’ Son! Enjoy!


Tommy said...

Do you leave the calendar intact or do you remove the page for each day of the calendar?

rjsodaro said...

I remove and toss the old pages. Good gags (like these two) I often keep. The Wife was going to get me a Daily Spidey Calendar a couple of years ago (she always gets me a yearly one for Christmas), but I asked her not to, because I wouldn’t be able to tear the pages out — and even if I did, I’d have to keep them all.

She told me that there is already too much Spidey crap cluttering our house, so she deferred to the yearly version. I was ever so thankful.