Friday, October 23, 2009


So I (finally) had lunch with Mark Fitch, who works over at Reed Exhibitions, and has a big hand in putting on the NY ComicCon. I met Mark some six months ago when I met him on the train platform as we were both headed into the kick-off event of Commicbook Happy Hour over at Dave & Busters in Times Square. (The Reed offices are a stone’s throw from my house — not that I would actually throw a stone at these guys).

Well, Mark was such an amiably guy that he not only offered me a beer on the train on the way in (he brought a six-pack with him and the crew from Reed), but he went with me to MidTown Comics to (try) and meet up with Chris Giarrusso who was doing a signing. Well, we wound up missing Chris (his signing was later than we originally believed), but we did have a nice chat.

Several more chats later, I introduced him to Mark Mazz and we put down a deposit for a table at ComicCon 2010 for Atlas Unleashed. Anyways, Mark F. & I kept talking about having lunch, and we both finally managed to link up our schedules.

he took me on a tour of the Reed offices, and introduced me to several of the key personnel, which is when I discovered that an old business associate of mine is also working up there as well. Well Georgette (my friend) talked to me a bit about some further business that Atlas Unleashed could do with ComicCon.

More on that as it develops. In the meantime. Here is a cool button that is for Reed’s upcoming Chicago show, C2E2.

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