Saturday, October 10, 2009

Funnybook Friends

So, this past Thursday I went to a funnybook event in the city (NY Comic Cob's “One year out” bowling event) and met up with a bunch of my funnybook friends. While there, not only did my good buddy and artist on Springload & Renegade, Chris Torres, show up (and we chatted about where the characters are going), but Chris laid on me a box of Spidey cereal.

Seriously, he somehow still had his hands on an unopened box of Spider-Man I cereal. Which is really cool, because while I had purchased this cereal at the time (back on ‘01 or so), I never actually kept the box (I know, silly me, eh?)

Anyway, Chris had this box sitting around (yes, unopened),and well, figured that I’d really enjoy it. No, I’m rather certain that I’m not going to eat the cereal, but it is still cool to have.

Anyway, while at the event, I did meet up with a number of other folks, and came away with this very cool giveaway, a book by Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), entitled The Strain (he co-wrote the book with Chuck Hogan). Well, now I have something on my reading list other than funnybooks.

I love these guys at NY Comic Con, as they certainly know how to build a following.

Well, next week is the Big Apple, Wizard show, and I’m also looking forward to that, but I still wnat to see how well those guys do. They have a ways to go to meet up with the bar that has been set pretty high by NY Comic Con.

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