Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grok This!

If you ever read any classic-era Sci-Fi (specifically the works of Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein, especially, his seminal work Stranger in a Strange Land), then you’ll understand what the title of this column is. If you don’t, well then — bummer, dude. However, if you do “Grok” then I want to tell you about a new blog column that I am writing.

Some time back I was invited by Eric Lopkin, an associate of mine, to contribute to his media site, Media Connection Online, and I agreed.

The MediaConnection site covers pop culture with a focus on movies, television, comic books, books, toys and games. The mission of MediaConnection is to spotlight quality material and bring independent work to the attention of our readers.

MediaConnection itself was originally launched in 1990 as a newsletter that was distributed through the various online bulletin board systems including Compuserve, GEnie, and America Online. Eventually, MediaConnection grew to include a print magazine in 1995 and The MediaConnection Pop Culture Expo in 1998.

Today, the MediaConnection online network includes news about pop culture and a gallery of independent artists, including, well, your humble narrator.

At any rate, in my blog, I talk about aspects of the comics industry from my unique and dubious perspective of having been an insider who has sat most of the past 30 years on the sidelines of the industry, while participating in it as both a pro and a fan.

Anyway, I invite you to jump over to the blog, and check out what I have to say there.

Thanks once again for indulging me in my deluded ramblings.

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