Sunday, October 18, 2009

News from the Front

As I mentioned, I spent yesterday in New York at the Big Apple Wizard comic show. While I was there IO picked up a pair of very important comics from a pair of very talented friends of mine, James Rodriguez (The Chronicles of Sara) and Shawnti Therrien (Am I Immortal). Shawnti is the VP Production at Atlas Unleashed, and James is not only the driving force behind NovaStar Studios (they produced the Belkis Calendar I’ve been raving about all year), but he just drew a story of mine slated to appear in an upcoming Atlas Unleashed publication.

James issued a 16-page ashcan of his up-coming sci-fi comic The Chronicles of Sara, while Shawnti had on hand a copy of her comic Am I Immortal from Free Lunch. While I have yet to actually read either, I have read the first issue of Am I Immortal, and I’ve been watching James slave over his book for the past several months, so I already know that both books will be totally awesome.

James’ ashcan is just two bucks while Shawnti’s goes for $3.50. You can score a copy of The Chronicles of Sara and Am I Immortal by going to their respective websites, and asking, or by hunting up these two talents at funnybook shows in and around the tri-state area.

Oh, the Sara ashcan has two very cool covers, so I thought I’d nshow you both.

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