Friday, October 09, 2009

Media comics tie-ins

For quite some time I’ve been espousing the thought that it would be a good idea for comics to explore other genres — no, I’m not quite ready to give up on superhero funnybooks, but even I can see that we have been boxing ourselves into a corner for decades, and it is time to expand the fold.

It is for this reason that I have been eagerly looking forward to Boom! Studios Die Hard comic. As someone who loved all of the films (sure they are preposterous, but they certainly are a good time), I had actually pitched the idea for a Die Hard comic (to another publisher, to be sure). It is nice to know that my instincts are good.

This comic is a “year one” concept. That is to say, it goes back to when John McClane is a rookie NYC beat cop, and looks at his initial exploits. I’ll be honest. The first issue is all about set-up, and seems to start off very slowly (no one dies, no explosions, no Yippie-ki-ayy nothing).

Still, it is too early to declare it a misfire, I’m in for the first story arc, if only to see where it is going to go. I suggest that you folk take the leap with me, if only because I actaully see McClane as an American James Bond, with the possibility of becoming a franchise that can out-live it’s original actor. Hey, there are those of us who thought that no one could replace Sean Connery, but there have been a buncha guys who have stepped into those shoes over the past 45 years. I sincerely believe that the same could be said for McClane.

At some point Bruce Willis will become too old for the role, but there is no reason to say that the character can’t survive without him (need I point to Star Trek?)

Another Boom! comic that I just picked up, was 28 Days Later. I liked both films, and (in spite of zombies being all the rage these days), I thought that I’d give this title a spin.

This first issue seems OK, and plays well with the established time line of the films. Plus I like how the writer is playing the characters (everyone always thinks that they can handle the relentless pursuit of zombies). Again, here only time will tell how well it fares.

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