Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Blast from the Past

The other day I came across this badge that my son, Dylan acquired on our trip to Universal’s Marvel Island Adventure a couple or three years back. I’m not sure why he got one and I (apparently) didn’t, nor am I certain where it has been hiding out for the intervening years, but now that I’ve (re)discovered it, and he is off at Syracuse University (and long since stopped caring about anything Spidey-related), I have co-opted it, and am now hanging it in my office — amid all my other Spidey stuff.

I know that he doesn’t mind, and, well, It keeps me thinking about him (not that I really needed a trinket to remember my son). One of the things I acquired on that trip was a Spidey tank top, and, well, a couple other Spidey things, I’m sure. One of those items was a Marvel/Universal comicbook (Universal Studios: Marvel Superhero Island Adventures) Which I reviewed for SpiderFan.

Still, I’m enjoying having the badge hanging around, and, well, I’m really looking forward to going back to the Universal Theme Park, only, now that Disney has purchased Marvel, Lock Stock and Stan’s toupee, I’m wondering if we can expect for the Marvel Characters to be evicted from Universal and wind up in Disney’s Theme Parks any time soon.

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