Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wearing Spidey

OK, you folks asked for more (well, Reggie did, and I can’t help myself but to oblige him). Yesterday I posted some pics of my Spidey Boxers, and Reggie wanted to know if I had any socks, well I do, but they are like 30 years old (and no, I don't wear them any more, because, well, as you can see they are white socks with Spidey printed on them). I never wanted to wear them out, so I wore them a few times when I was younger, then tossed them in the back of my sock drawer (right next to the Cap socks, which I’ve also posted).

In recent years I’ve looked for Spidey socks again (these are also just a touch small on me these days), with no real success. I’ve also been unable to find Spidey shoes except for little kids (heh, kids get all the luck). Actually, when I was in my 20s I almost bought a set of Spidey Underoos, (secure in the knowledge that I was going to eventually get married and have kids). Only I stopped, when logic kicked in as I wasn’t sure that I’d have boys, or what size to buy (that plus the fact that I wasn’t dating anyone at the time). It wasn’t until later (after they stopped manufacturing Underoos) that I regretted not ever buying them.

Anyway, I’m just happy that I can get adult-sized Spidey boxers. Oh yea, you’ll also see my Spidey pillowcase up here someplace (Just one, each side is different). I think this was from Spidey 2. Then, as long as I had the camera out, I figured that I’d snap some pics of the Spidey clock that is in my office.

As well as a couple of Spidey suction figures that are stuck to a glass-front book case that is also in my office. Fun stuff all around.

Oh, and just to keep you in suspenders, right now I’m working with Jon over at SpiderFan to build a fast food section displaying all of the Spider-Man related kid toys that I have collected over the years (including some non-US toys as well). Not to worry, I’ll let you know here when that section becomes populated and ready for public viewing.

In the mean time you will just all have to satisfy yourselves with looking at all of the truly oddball Spidey stuff that I have in my eclectic collection.


Reggie White Jr. said...

Love looking at all this stuff. It just dawned on me that when I get some Spidey socks, I don't think I'll wear them. I've got holes in most of my socks over the years and I don't want my Spidey socks sharing the same fate.

You've got me beat on Spidey goods, both in comics and figures, posters, toys, etc. I've got a Spider-man 3 Sandman/Venom ends, a Spider-Man 2 bobble head and a few action figures from various eras of the comics. I need to get a frickin' camera and pimp that stuff in my blog one day.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yes, you certainly do.

Tommy said...

*Heavenly choir plays as the Spider-Collection is further unleashed!!*

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