Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funnybook wearables

OK Kids, this post is precisely what it sounds like. Sure, sure we all have comicbook wearables, and lately, as you have all have oohed and ahhed over some of the stuff I’ve already posted. So I figured that I’d post for you as much of what I could find this time out.

You ready? I hope so, buecause this is going to be a fun ride for some of you folks. Well, the first thing you can see is a Spidey pin I acquired back in the mid-‘90s (San Diego I believe).

What you see here is a Batmnan pin that I picked up when Batman Begins hit the theaters. Both of these pins adorn a black leather vest of mine that I often wear at conventions

OK, here we go, I’m going to start off simple with a fes Spidey T-SHirts:

OK, so I’m an aging hippy, get over it:

This next T-shirt was a giveaway that I received by mailing in prof-of-purchase seals from some Brach’s food product. I think that I got it around Spider-Man 3. You can see the Brach’s logo that appeared on the left sleeve.

This T-shirt also came by trading food proof-of-purchase seals for it, only I don’t remember what product. This shirt was also from Spidey 3 as I recall.

This next shirt is from my Mom, who purchased it In Italy a couple of years ago when she went there.

These next two shirts are not T-shirts, but something more. The first is a silk Spidey Club shirt and the second is a Spidey jersey. I got them both at an extreme markdown at a local store (they were originally $50.00 each, but I got them both for $30.00 for the two of them — cool, eh?).

OK, I’m going to cut this off her for now. This isn’t all of my funnybook wearables (not by far), but I didn’t want to overload you all. Come back over the next couple of days, and you’ll see what I have for you.


Tommy said...

Nice! The Brachs thing seems familiar to me, but I didn't get around to sending off the proofs of purchases.

Reggie White Jr. said...

As big a Spidey fan as I am, I don't have even close to the number of shirts you have! I need to quit slacking.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Just remember Reggie, I’ve been at this for quite a while, I’m sure you’ll catch up.