Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Watching has begun

If you have already seen The Dark Knight then you have already seen the trailer for The Watchmen. If you haven’t seen the trailer, or you just wanted to see it again, well, I’ve posted it below.

Oh yeah, as you can tell, Watchmen also made the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly, so you might want to rush out and get your copy now. Then you will want to go here and download (to your Itunes) the first animated installment of Watchmen. This half hour installment comes directly from the comic, complete with 3D animation and Dave Gibbon’s art. Interestingly enough, Alan Moore’s name is no where to be seen. Not really surprising as he has repudiated the entire Watchmen film.

Still, it is worth downloading and watching. Me, I can hardly wait for the film.


Tommy said...

Until I read the original, I'll not know what was altered for the movie, lest I read specific reviews. Yarr!

Robert J. Sodaro said...

I read the book ( a long time ago) and will probably read it again before seeing the film. I understand they are changing very little.