Friday, July 11, 2008

Second time not so much the charmer

Let’s file this one under, “Even when you win, you lose!” Seems that while everyone agrees that this year’s The Incredible Hulk is way better a film than 2003’s The Hulk the payoff at the end of the tunnel isn’t quite what the filmmakers were hoping to see:

After four weekends, the Louis Leterrier-directed "The Incredible Hulk" has earned $125 million, the same as what "Hulk" had pulled in at the same time in its run. "Hulk" finished with $132 million, and its successor is unlikely to do much better.

You can read the whole story on Yahoo Movie News.

Oh yeah, just to put the proper spin on this it turns out that the production costs and marketing expenses on the second film were much steeper then on the first; totaling more than $200 million for the second while they were only about $150 on the first.

Bummer, eh?


Reggie White Jr. said...

Well that sucks. Who wants to be compared to the first Hulk movie? At least Incredible Hulk was good, though I'm sure that won't be good enough for the studio who filmed it.

Tommy said...

That's a pretty sweet Hulk vs Iron Man image there!