Tuesday, September 15, 2009

G-Man Rules!

That’s right, you heard me! G-Man is simply put the coolest comic currently being published!

Chris Giarrusso the writer/artist of the series, is perhaps best known as the very talented cartoonist who brings us Mini Marvels, which (as you already all know) is the long-running series appearing irregularly over the past several years in numerous Marvel Comics. The strip very successfully re-imagines the Marvel characters as superheroes, but as young kids (usually delivering Newspapers).

Always funny and extremely entertaining the strip usually plays off whatever current story lines are occurring in the comics. He also has had a long-running series (similar in nature) which has been appearing over at Image. the G-Man comic (featuring Chris’s original characters), is an outgrowth of those stories.

I’ve been picking up the series (slated to run five issues) and it is very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

The G-Man comic explores the origins of magical cloth that give both G-Man and his older brother Great Man their super-human powers. Cute, funny, insightful, and wonderfully illustrated, the series is everything that a comicbook should be.

If you have a youngster who you want to get into comics, put one of these comics in his or her hands. They will love it, and thank you for turning them onto this extremely entertaining series.

Oh yeah, there are a couple of back-up strips that are contributed by friends of Chris’s and fellow cartoonists. They are also entertaining; and if you go to Chris’s site, you’ll get Chris’s upcoming convention schedule.

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