Saturday, September 04, 2010

So my buddy Ray Felix put together this great indie comic entitled A World without Superheroes that took a very personal (tragic) experience and translated it into a very moving and profound comic. Next he moved on to continue the story, only he received a letter from Marvel & DC.

It seems that Marvel & DC jointly own the term "Superhero" in all its forms (Super Hero, Super-Hero, etc.) and have issued him a cease and desist order.

Yeah, you read that right Marvel & DC have the world-wide rights to the conjoined words Super and Hero, and no one (NO ONE) can use that term without paying them a royalty fee.

Needless to say, Felix is trying to fight it, stating that it is a restraint of trade issue, and that both those words, (including used together), have been in the public usage since 1917, so there is no way that Marvel & DC should ever have been allowed to trademark these words.

Personally, I agree, and I'll just bet that you folks do as well.

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