Saturday, September 18, 2010

Am I Immortal

I know that I’ve spoken about my friend Shawnti Therrien’s on-going vampire-themed comics (Am I Immortal & Meth), well, I just wanted you all to know that I’m not the only one singing her praises. Turns out that other folk find her as talented as do I, one of them even posted a review of her books.

Well, since you’ve heard me yammer about them a-plenty, I thought that I’d pass along what others think of her mesmerizing art and storytelling. The review I’m citing here is from Sarah L. Covert’s lovely website, She Never Slept (which I also highly recommend).

OK, now you’ve heard it from two of us, what is stopping you from going in out to buy (multiple) copies of everything that Shawnti has ever published? 

Go, or I’ll sic the Wülf Girlz on you!

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Sarah L. Covert said...

Thanks for linking to She Never Slept and thanks for the kudos on our site!

Sarah L. Covert