Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Rusties

So, I was recently informed that (for the third year in a row), I’ve been nominated in the “Best Writer” category for a CAG Award (Now renamed “The Hallers” in honor of Rusty Haller). Once again I’m honored to be considered, and well it would be great to win (finally).

The story is my contribution in Iconic, entitle First in Flight, which is a story about the real-life Gustave Whitehead, who flew before the Wright Brothers, but has long been denied his rightful place in History.

I'm also told that others can vote in this poll even if you are not a member of CAG, so here is a link to the poll. vote away! VoteBest writer.
Robert J. Sodaro - "First in Flight," Iconic

Everett Soares - Sky Pirates

Steve Kanaras - Only In Whispers #2

Jesse Toves - "John Henry," Iconic

Scott Sheaffer - Hell's Blood #1

Joe Sergi - "The Return of Power Boy," A Thousand Faces #10

Carl Herring, Jr. - Crime Wave

Dwight Baldwin - "Repercussions," Iconic

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Thank you all in advance. I'm also told that that the deadline for votes is Sept 18th at 11:59 PM.

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