Friday, December 11, 2009

Superhero Squad is at Burger King

Yep, you heard me right, those kid-friendly, TV representations of our favorite heroes (Mini-Marvel lites, if you will), have invaded Burger King.

I discovered this when I took my daughter there yesterday for an after-school snack (BK also has New Moon cups, but that is the subject of an entirely other blog). and well, I naturally scored the Captain America figure that you see here. other characters in the four-figure set include Hulk, Silver Surfer and an Iron Man Unibeam pendant.

As stated, I believe that they just got there (they might change this Friday, I’m not sure, but I’ll check and get back to you on it. Anyway, while I’m glad that Marvel is trying to market their characters to a younger audience, I still don’t understand why they not only tossed the much better Mini Marvels under a bus, but somehow failed to include Spider-Man (arguably their most popular and one of the most well-known iconic character in their stable,a s well as quite possibly the most recognizable superhero in the known universe) in the line up.

Spidey does not appear in the Superhero Squad comic, and (as far as I know), does not appear in the TV show, although I just saw an ad for a Superhero Squad videogame and saw Spidey’s image in the ad. Plus there is this image (to the left) that was included in an ad included in with the BK toy, so I have to wonder if they have finally gotten around to include him in the group. I’ll have to look into that for you folks as well. In the mean time, Marvel’s Superhero Squad is now appearing at Burger King.

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