Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Superhero Squad @ Burger King

As you all should know by now, Marvel’s Superhero Squad toys are appearing this month at Burger King. The third toy in the BK Superhero Squad set is none other than that denizen of the galactic winds, the Silver Surfer. He appears on a stand with a backboard depicting Galactus. By removing a board in the Galactus diorama the world eater changes from B&W to full color, a nifty little “value added” to the toy. The first toy (Captain America) has a “shield shooter”, while the second (and Iron Man Uni-beam), lights up. Not sure what the Hulk’s “power” will be, but having each toy do something is kind of cool.

We probably should mention that along with this set — which is targeted for boys — BK is also offering a four-toy “girl toy” set of cute fluffy animals, as well as a Large-Sized cup spotlighting New Moon (again, less interest to us, unless you want to pick up a couple of Twilight: New Moon cups solely to hang on to them a couple of years, strictly for the resale value on ebay when the next installment of this wretched series is foisted upon us. Personally, we weren’t going to go into Burger King just for a New Moon cup, but, as it turns out, my daughter wanted to go get an after-school snack, so we went in, which is how we even learned about the Superhero Squad toys. (Remind me to thank her again.)

Yes, yes, I know that girls also get to get their geek on as it were, and yes I also understand that they probably don’t get (or like) our superhero films, but this film is just such abysmal crap that it is hard to understand how anyone with a pair of brain cells that they can rub together can like it.

Anyway, the fourth figure in this set will be The Hulk, and I hope to acquire him by the end of the week. Oh yeah, and in case any of you folks out there don’t realize, most fast food places will sell you the toy separate from the meal, if you aren’t inclined to eat the food. True, the toy will cost around buck or so, it is still worth it if you like the toy but aren’t interested in clogging your arteries in the process of collecting.

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