Saturday, December 12, 2009

It’s take a Superhero to Lunch Week

As reported the other day Marvel’s Superhero Squad has popped up at Burger King, the first toy we got our greedy little hands on was the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America. Next up is Iron Man. Unfortunately, instead of a figuring (as in the case of Cap), we have a Light -Up Unibeam. What we are going to call a backpack clip.

Now, while we understand that this may be cool for kids (yeah, right, the heck with them squalling kids), we personally would prefer a figure. Still, it is always cool getting funnybook characters as fast food toys, and I’m willing to settle for “lame” representations over not having the characters show up at all.

Anyway, there are still two more to this set (Hulk & Silver Surfer), and we hope to score them shortly, and bring you those images as well. In the meantime, we are closing in on the holidays, and our next post will bring you all up to speed in that department as well.

So, in the mean time, head out to BK & snag your very own Superhero Squad toys!

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