Monday, December 28, 2009

Fast Food Heroes

As I’ve mentioned a time or ten (no not nine, but 10) I’m something of a of a collector of both superhero comics and their related tchakatas. Well, this lead me to write about the combination of the two back in 2001 when an article I wrote on the subject, grew into a book about fast food toys and collectibles. Well, that book lead to me writing a column about fast food toys for America Antiquities, as well as me actually appearing on The Food Network’s Top Five program (I also appeared on The Fairfield Exchange, a local cable show here in CT, as well in a number of newspaper articles, including on in the Los Angeles Times)

Well, as much as I’ve always enjoyed both of these unique collectibles, I have also enjoyed movies foe years (and even have had several movie columns (versions of which appears both here and here. Well, recently I acquired toy sets for both Marvel’s the Superhero Squad, and James Cameron’s Avatar. Both were cool enough, though Superhero Squad had three figures and an “item” (while I always prefer figures to tools or items), and the Avatar toys didn’t all quite stand on their own.

That is to say, some of the figures couldn’t quite stand on their own without leaning against something. Now I personally don’t understand people who design figures that can’t stand on their own. You know what I mean. Now I know that these are for kids and all, and that they will play with them and then toss them in a topy box, but seriously, the toy should be able to stand up, because (and the folks designing the toys should know that collectors are going to want to acquire them and then stand them up on display); and yet, virtually every time I get toys from some fast food place that is a figure, there tends to be one or two of them that simply won’t stand, and this makes me very upset.

As you can see from the above image, all three of the humanoid figures (Na’vi) won’t stand free, and require assistance. I don’t suppose that posting here is going to change any of that, but well, I was irritated and just needed to vent. Having now done so, I can move on to other things. Thank you for your indulgence.

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Tommy said...

Yeah, it does bite when they can't stand on their own. I used to keep more stuff displayed around my desk, but when my allergies decided to bloom, I had to put most of 'em away.