Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Girl and Too Much Hot Girl!

This is something of a pet project of mine. I wrote it as kind of a fun thing to do. It combines killing hot (real live) female-type women that I happen to know (and, Lord know why, think I’m hilariously cute, or somesuch), and funnybooks.

I wound up carving a couple of characters out of a webcomic that I’m attempting to get off the ground (I have an artist, but this person has been sitting on my script for several months,and I’m really getting tired of waiting, so if you are an artist, want to illustrate a fun web-based superhero comic strip,and have some animation and/or 3D rendering abilities, post here on my site, let me know your interested, and leave me a link to your work. I’ll get back to you. Seriously.).

Anyway, as I was sayin’.

I took a couple of characters that I developed for this Web comic, and plopped them down into the middle of a fun, irreverent, silly story full of winky bits and just went to town. After penning the eight-page script I discovered the perfect artist. A gent named Roy Cutting that I was introduced to by a friend of mine. Anyway, I’ve conned Roy into drawing the comic for me, and the work he has turned in to me is phenomenal. It may take a while for him to get through it all, but I’m willing to wait (plus, I’m willing to do whatever I can to promote his stuff and keep him motivated).

Anyway, I posted a couple of illos that he did a week or so back, and he recently sent me a new page of pencils that I want to post here as well.

I hope that you all enjoy this as much as do I. If you do, let him know by posting here or drop by his web page and let him know over there.

See you in the funnypapers!


Tommy said...

Yes, that's how my mind works.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Heh, you pass, you too are a red-blooded, American male.