Monday, March 31, 2008

Yeah, it's a Spider-Man World

Have I recently mentioned that I’m married to a wonderful woman? If I haven’ I probably should have much earlier. You see, it is her that has graciously not only allowed me to maintain my Spider-fetish, but is often the one subsidizing it.

Yep. it is true. Why just yesterday she had gone shopping in one of those “Junk Lot” discount stores, and she came home with not only with this package of Spidey Crayons, but this pair of Classic and Black Spidey Stampers.

Is she the coolest or what?

Truth to be told, while I have accumulated a fair amount of Spidey-Stuff over the years, it has been my lovely wife who has provided quite a bit of the really cool (and odd) stuff. Sure, sure, I could go out (and have) and get the action figures, games, and specialty shop stuff, but it is usually her that picks up the interesting, odd stuff, which is really the true gem of my collection.

OK, now I have to get back to work and earn some cash!

Love ya Honey!


Reggie White Jr. said...

Man, I pray that I can marry a woman that's as cool as your wife someday, Robbert. Not every woman understands or supports what her husband likes so this is nice to read.

Tommy said...


Bob hit the jackpot!

rjsodaro said...

Let’s keep the drool to a minimum, boys, we don’t want to short out the Intertubes, eh?