Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday Blues

Well, I can tell that it is the Monday after Easter because I’m currently nursing a post-chocolate gorge-fest hangover. I have to tell you that you really have to hand it to the capitalists in this country who have managed to turn virtually every holiday into some sort of shopping fest. Easter isn’t about the resurrection of Christ, it is when the Easter Bunny comes by and passes out a metric ton of candy. Christmas isn’t his birth, but 1/4 of the take for the budget of 90% of the retail businesses in the Country. Ash Wednesday isn’t the first day of Lent, but the day after the conclusion of Madi Gras, a 40-day drunken orgy. Graduation day is about gift-giving, not the graduation itself. Halloween is about the candy.

Oh, and it isn’t just religious holidays The Fourth of July isn’t about our independence from tyranny, but a reason to go out and buy a new car (as are, of course the various President’s birthdays, same too with Memorial and Labor Days). Valentine’s day isn’t a lover’s holiday, but a reason to go out and buy flowers, candy, and cards; as are Mother’s and Father’s Days. St Pat’s is a drunken Beer fest (OK, wait, I do agree with that one). Even SuperBowl Sunday is all about the big-screen TV and the high-end concept commercials rather than the game itself.

Personally, I’m not entirely unconvinced that the cotton-growers of the deep South didn’t subsidize John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of President Lincoln so that 100 years hence they could have have White Sales on his birthday; not to mention that automotive dealers backed James Earl Ray’s assassination of Martin Luther King to sell cars on his birthday. (Yeah, I’m that far off the beaten path)

Anywho, the image is what I got in my Easter basket this year, it is followed by a Spider-Bear stuff-it-yourself-toy that I spotted in a craft store, and that is followed by a couple of images drawn by a buddy of mine named Arlen Schumer, who is a graphic artist, author, and funnybook fan.


Reggie White Jr. said...

You got all that in an Easter basket? Niiiiiice. I just got a bag of candy, which I'm fine with.

BTW, have you seen the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon? I think it's freaking great and another way for me to get my Spidey fix.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yeah, Reggie, I get that kind of stuff all the time. Ever since High School I've always had friends and family purchasing me small spider-related items, so, over the years, I’ve accumulated a vast amount of Spider-related tchotchkes. Seriously dude, you should see my office. Everyone who does is amazed.

Tommy said...

*Steals candy*

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Take the candy, leave the Spidey.

Tommy said...

Fair enough.

*Gets tummyache*

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