Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wülves are at our Doors!

That’s right buoys and gulls, it is getting a tad bit dangerous out there again. Just in time for ComicCon NY, my publisher of choice, Guild Works Production, is getting set to release Psychosis! #3. This cover is painted by my good buddy Ed Traquino (who will probably be packed up and shipped back to Britain when the INS learns that he is still in the country).

Personally, I think that this is some of Ed’s best work.

Oh yeah, I also have a short story in this issue. A little thriller I’m calling, Into the Wood, which is the follow-up to my Wülf Girlz story from issue #1.

As stated, the comic will be on sale at the NY ComicCon, and thereafter from places like MidTown Comics in NYC. You could also probably contact me directly here and I could arrange for you to receive a copy (for a small renumeration and a hefty postage and handling fee, of course). I understand that there will be a second (flip) cover to Psychosis! #3. I haven’t seen that cover yet, but when I do, you can be assured that I’ll post it here in this space. So keep watching.

Oh yeah, before I forget, on a related matter, there is a war brewing in the indie comics, well, no, not a real war, but a war among the various characters in the marketplace. That’s right from the twisted mind mind of artist and scripter Dave Ryan, along with inker Peter Palmiotti, and a helping hand from Richard Kane Ferguson on layouts and plotting, comes the War of the Independents. I mention this because the Wülf Grilz are playing a small role in this six-part series from Red Anvil. A new-found friend of mine, Joe Martino, also has a hand in this, and is producing a tie-in comic co-staring his character, Shadowflame.

More news as it develops.


Tommy said...

Would this be your first crossover then, Bob?

Robert J. Sodaro said...

That would be a Yep there ol’ son. As of now, the Wülf Girlz are not appearing int eh Shadowflame book, but only in the War of Independents main title itself. Still, as this is going to be going on for six months (not sure if the book is monthly or bi-monthly, but if someone were to ask me...