Monday, November 15, 2010

Andrea Grant’s Minx

My good friend, Andrea Grant is an amazing writer. Seriously, her comic Andrea Grant’s Minx is an amazing mix of Native American mythos, superhero genre, pseudo-mystical dreamtime comicbook reality, and old-world gods. She crafts a multi-dimensional, richly-interwoven tapestry that brings us the story of Minx, a Native American living in the modern-day world of men. She trains in the arts of warriors so that she can defend herself and her people for an upcoming battle of epic proportions.

Andrea Grant’s Minx is unlike any comic you’ve ever read. The art is — in a word — different. She mixes “standard” comicbook line illustrations with photos, and collage-style art that is both jarring and eclectically pleasing.

Now in it’s third issue, she is moving the story along a pace that is, well, frustrating, as the story is so intriguing that I wish it came out more often because it is truly one of the most interesting comics that I’m reading these days.

Still, I don’t want to rush her, because each issue is so beautifully rendered that my feeling is to rush it would be to ruin it. Her grasp of storytelling — as she infuses Native American beliefs into the tale — is so delicate that the story itself is not only lyrical, but fun to read. So if you are looking for something that is very different from what you normally consume, you truly owe it to yourself to get your hands copy of Andrea Grant’s Minx

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