Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl are (finally) here!

Well, kids, it has been a long road, but finally my comicbook Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl is now available over at IndyPlanet for a mere $2.50 (+ S&H).

The journey from idea to fully-published comic took me probably close to five years. It grew out of an idea that got pitched as, well, as something of a joke, but then festered and grew into an actually fully-formed real concept. It was then typed out on my smartphone (no really), then presented to a guy I met who was a co-worker of someone I had known for years.

Then it took almost another year until the — then unpublished artist — to get his rather hectic life in order enough to realize that I was serious and to buckle down to do the work. Once the art was finally completed (pencils, inks and colors), it was lettered (then re-lettered), and pitched to a couple of publishers.

Needless to say, it was generally well received, but it was the visionary folks over at Pronto Comics who finally committed to publishing it. Originally it was supposed to have been a part of a full-color anthology, but that project hit a snag or three and apparently vaporized. Not wanting the strip to linger in limbo I was asked if I wanted to publish it as a stand-alone Print-on-Demand comic. I agreed and we proceeded with that idea.

Unfortunately we hit yet another snag when the editor assigned to the project abruptly left Pronto. Not to worry, Pronto’s Editor-in-Chief stepped in and helped Shepherd the project to fruition. So here we are. with an 8-page, full-color comic for just $2.50.

Buy one, oh why be shy, buy two and give one to a friend!

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