Monday, May 28, 2012

Harddee’s has The Amazing Spider-Man

OK kids, we now have it, even though Disney/Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures stupidly decided to NOT have any fast food toy tie-ins to The Avengers, Sony has hooked up with Hardee’s for a set of toys to the new Amazing Spider-Man film.

Unfortunately for this Spider-Fan, the closest Hardee’s is nearly 200 miles away, so it looks like that we’ll be acquiring the Spider-Toy set via ebay. While this does make it easier (and often cheaper) to acquire, it does prevent us from having any of Hardee’s very enjoyable foodstufs.

In fact, the franchise ie already running some commercials touting their tie-in to the Spidey film.

Hardee’s also is running a game-code tie-in and has a spot promoting that as well.

As you know, Hardee’s (& sister company Carl’s Jr) have already had previous tie-ins to Spider-Man back in in 1990 & 1999, as well as to the very first Spidey flick in 2002.

Personally, we can hardly wait!

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