Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wait, they call this Continuity?

OK, So I’m reading Scarlet Spider #5, and apparently there is some sort of a nuclear device that is going to go off in Dallas (or is it Houston?), where the (new) Scarlet Spider (the clone of Peter Parker the One-True Spider-Man, and killer formerly known as Kaine).

Anyways, the specifics of the story aren’t so important for this post. What is important is the fact that at one point in the story the local authorities contact SHIELD and are greeted by the following sight (see below).

What you are looking at is the local cop talking to (on-screen) SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson (left), SHIELD Director Daisy Johnson (center), and Former Director of SHIELD Colonel Nick Fury (right).


That guy all the way to the right isn’t so much the hard-charging Sargent that survived WWII to go on to become the head of the world’s most sophisticated intelligence organization, as it is Samuel Jackson (star of Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane), and who recently appeared in The Avengers movie.

Seriously, WTF? We know and understand that the Sam Jackson Fury is part of not only the Marvel Movie Universe, but the Ultimate Universe, but it is the white WWII vet who is fury in the 616 universe (which is where Scarlet Spider is supposed to take place.

Anyone want to weigh in on this?

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