Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spider-Man from Down Under

So, one of the really wicked-cool things about the Intertubes it the ability to discover things that you not only didn’t know existed, but stuff that you totally want. It was in this fashion that I discovered an Australasian  fast food eatery called Hungry Jack (which is apparently the Burger King Down Under).

Well, apparently at the time of Spider-Man 3 Hungry Jack came out with a very different set of Spidey-toys.

As stated, I recently discovered these items and have (just today), received the set that I acquired.

There were four sets, each set contained half of Spidey's face along with a villain figurine from the film (the Black mask came with Venom & Sandman, while the red mask came with New Goblin & a black-suited suction-Spidey. Each mask-face then connected with the other to form a Janus-like head.

I totally dig getting non-U.S. fast-food superhero figures.

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