Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm tho Thor!

OK Kids, it looks like we’re getting an early jump on Summer movies. At least as far as their fast food toys are concerned. I just stopped by my local 7-eleven and discovered that they already have Thor cups in stock. (Unfortunately no figure straws, just cups.)

7-eleven also has a 12" Destroyer figure that doubles as a cup.

In addition to the Thor 7-eleven cups, Marvel is also reported to be doing a tie-in with Burger King that is rumored to include the following six kid meal toys the will show up closer to the June release of the film.
  1. Mighty Thor Figure: The God of Thunder articulated in full costume with helm; Pose-able 
  2. Mjolnir "Lightning" Shooter: Thor's mystical hammer with the ability to shoot multiple "lightning" discs 
  3. Lady Sif Headdress: A miniature replica of the ceremonial helm worn by Sif in the film 
  4.  "Rainbow" Ring: Unlock the secrets of the Bifrost Bridge, the gateway of the Gods of Asgard 
  5.  Loki Figure: The God of Mischief casts a spell to "multiply" himself before your eyes 
  6. The Destroyer: Asgard's most powerful weapon, which only Thor may be able to stop; Pose-able 
However, since these toys are apparently still in the prototype phase of production, we really don’t have more detailed information, or images of what they actually look like. We did learn that fans who find themselves lacking enough patience to wait will be happy to learn that the general public will get a good look at much of the Thor movie tie-in merchandise once the Iron Man 2 DVD/Blu-Ray is ready to hit store shelves.

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