Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More trouble on the set of Spidey's musical

Christopher Tierney
According to last night's newscast, and today‘s Daily News gives us the story of how the harness of actor Christopher Tierney (a stunt-man playing Spider-Man) snapped and sent him plunging 30 feet from a platform into a pit below the stage, and the technical dress rehearsal was stopped as an ambulance was called to cart him off to the hospital. However, a spokesperson for the stage show says that Tierney  will recover and that the show will not shut down.
The decision was reached after a lunchtime meeting of the producer, investigators for the state Labor Department and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and a union rep from the Actors' Equity Association....
Meanwhile, state labor investigators were spotted at the Foxwoods Theater on W. 42nd St., where the accident happened about seven minutes before the close of the Tuesday night show.
Tierney, who is a 30-year-old New York-based actor and dancer hails from Portsmouth, N.H., is in serious condition with cracked ribs and other injuries and is currently at Bellevue Hospital. Tierney is the fourth performer hurt since Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark began trial performances last month after several money-burning delays.
Director Julie Taymor called the accident “heartbreaking.”
“Nothing is more important than the safety of our Spider-Man family,” she said in a statement.
But several Broadway actors broke ranks and raged that Taymor was playing with her performers' lives to stage the $65 million spectacle, the most expensive Broadway show ever.
The play, which most recently had been pushed back to Jan. 11 (from Dec. 21), has been pushed back again ‘til Feb. In spite of  Taymor‘s upbeat attitude, there are many that think the play will never open, and even if it does, it can never make back what was spent on it.

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