Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another injury on the set of the Spidey musical

Yep, you  heard that right, this afternoon at a tectonically dress rehearsal, one of the stunt men playing Spidey in the new B'Way musical Turn off the Dark fell several feet into the orchestra pit in front of a live audience, and was rushed to the hospital as the show was halted.
Broadway's problem-plagued Spider-Man production was halted near the end of the show last night when a stunt double's flying harness snapped, dropping him two stories into a stage pit, according to witnesses The audience sat, horrified, as the empty harness swayed over their heads and a woman—likely lead actress Natalie Mendoza—began sobbing and screaming: "Call 911." Miraculously, the 31-year-old stuntman may not be seriously injured. "All signs were good as he was taken to the hospital," said a spokesman for the $65 million musical production, Turn Off the Dark, which is in previews.
Here is a video clip from a local news program on the accident...

I hate to say it kids, but it really is beginning to look as if this show (now pushed back from its Jan 11 opening to some time in February), just might never open!

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