Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Be your own comicbook character!

Back in the day it was everyone’s desire to be in motion pictures (or so it seems), and there were obviously a big draw to people leaving their hum-drum lives and entering the glamorous world of film. Well, today, what with the increasing cross-trafficking between films and comics, it was only a matter of time that the offer to appear in a comicbook would be offered. So while this offer isn’t quite new (some months ago, Thomas Zahlerwho writes and illustrates Love and Capes offered his fans the opportunity to appear in his comic at the wedding of the main characters)

Well, for fans of Andrea Grant’s Minx, their time to become immortalized in a comicbook has come as well. That’s right, Grant, through her company of Copious Productions, is offering her readers this very opportunity. For a very reasonable buy-in of just $200, fans are able to have themselves inserted into a comic as either a film noir detective, a classic superhero, or a slice of life (reality) character.

In the film noir detective scenarios (there are three separate scenes with roles for seven characters, both male and female), fans are offered the chance to be a hard-boiled detective or a wily femme fatale in the classic film noir style. The classic Superhero comic is done just as you would expect with roles for up to 4 male or female characters as the heroes must save the world, experience their origin, or face off against another character.   In the slice of life comic (done in a style similar to The Office, or Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor) there are again three scenes with roles for up to 10 male or female characters.

According to Copious, they are doing this as an additional way to help raise money to subsidize Andrea Grant’s Minx comic. Then, of course if you really have been bitten by the comicbook bug, you’re going to ant to get in on the big production push by Copious, the chance to actually die in Andrea Grant’s Minx comic.
Needless to say, this is all in good fun, and there is already a very powerful buzz rippling through the comics’ field as word of this rather unusual promotion ripples through the Internet. Grant feels that in today’s market place, and given the current state of the economy it is important for entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative ways of creative financing for their dream projects.

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