Friday, April 30, 2010

♪ It’s a Barbie world, ♫ and I’m a Barbie girl! ♪

No, I haven’t gone a little bit winkie (or at the very least, no more winkie than normal), but the wife and I made an unexpected stop at McDonald’s last night for a quick dinner as we ran from one meeting to another. Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered Barbie & Hot Wheel toys there.

Now I know that you are all expecting me to go for the testosterone-toting, macho-guy nifty-cool, Hot Wheel toy, but no, I really wanted to grab up a Barbie. Hey, I can see that look you are giving me (it is the same one I got from my wife), but no, like I said, I haven’t gone ‘round the twist, (and no I didn’t score it for my 15-year old daughter — who gave up on Barbies several years ago), I did in fact get it for me.

One of the reasons I did is that, well, first of all, cars never did much for me (a buddy of mine calls ‘em “shorts” because they make getting from one place to another, shorter). Second as a collector of these little items, I firmly believe that the Barbies are way more collectible. (Plus I just like to play with dolls.) Third, a few years back I penned a story for a Barbie magazine about the little gals, and well, I’ve been thinking about doing a follow up. Fourth, I was actually quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about the increase of girl toys as giveaways at fast food franchises.

Anyways, There are Hot Wheels & Barbies at Micky D’s right now, so if you care, you should hustle over there and get your fill.

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