Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kick-Ass rocks (the film, not the comic)

Yeah, I went to see the film, Kick-Ass and yes, it was a rocking good time. Everything all of the film’s various trailers promised it would be. Still, I have some issues with it (as a comic, not as a film).

To me, the comic was not only specifically designed as a storyboard for the film, but targeted to appeal to our most salacious and prurient interests. I really didn’t so much like Kick-Ass as a comic because it seemed to me that the comic held in contempt many of the core tenets that I love about comics.

Please don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the violence in the book that set me off (hey, I like a bit of the ultra-violence as much as the next under-athletic geek boy who was terrorized by muscled-bound, no-neck jocks while in high school, but it was all the “gimmies” that the book asked while trying to position itself as an “ordinary” universe.

No, I think that Hit Girl’s high-end ninja-level skill-set was a bit much, as was her complete detachment from the consequence of her actions. personally, this (comics) is my house, and it really seemed to me that way to many liberties were taken with the storytelling and with what the writer felt he could “get away with” in order to tell the story he wanted us to believe that he could tell.

Still, that shouldn’t dissuade you from going to see the film. It really does hit on all cylinders and should prove to be the hit that Millar and JRJR hoped it would be; and for that I’m very happy for them

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