Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Comic Book Day is almost here!

That's right kids! Free Comic Book day is almost upon us!
Do you already have your route to the nearest comic shop mapped out? Do you know what free comic you're planning to read first, and which one you're saving for last? Better get ready, because Free Comic Book Day 10 (FCBD10), is only a month away!
We already know where we are going to be, at the Bronx Heroes Convention, at Hostos College in the Bronx. Yep, it promises to be a happening event. We will be there representing Atlas Unleashed (and rumor has it that we will have new product on us; how cool is that?).

However, if (like me) you can hardly contain yourself, you might want to check out these special PDF previews of the Gold Level comics that are going to be passed out at participating comic shops (and the Bronx Heroes Con), on FCBD 2010!

How cool is that, eh?

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