Saturday, April 03, 2010

Southpark Heroes?

No, seriously, I just came back from a local comic shop (A Timeless Journey), and well they have a new vending machine in the store that is dispensing comicbook-related items. This time out the machine is dispensing Marvel heroes with bit round heads and small-little bodies. In the shop we were laughingly referring to them as “South Park” (or “Cartman”) heroes. As you can see, this is a pretty accurate designation for them.

The description for the figures is as follows:
Marvel Heroes 2 Inch Self-Vending (no capsules) Buildable Figures! Everyone has a favorite superhero. This assortment contains 6 popular MARVEL Heroes characters including: Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man. These are self-vending superhero heads that open to reveal the character's bodies to create a unique figurine. These licensed toys measure 49mm and work in all of the toy capsule machines we sell. Blister display card sold separately.

The figures come out of the vending machine as just a head with the body inside the spherical head, and yeah, they are geeky-cool.

When I was there another patron tried his luck (they retail for a buck), and wound up with Spidey, which (for whatever reason) he didn't want, so he gave to me, then tried again and got a Wolverine, which he kept. The rest of the figures look like this.

Oh yeah, apparently they also come in blister-packs as well:
It is amazing what someone will manufacture knowing that geek-boys like me will buy them, eh?

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