Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man Meets the King (Week 2)

Yesterday (Wednesday) I hustled over to my local Burger King to pick up the new Iron Man 2 toys (because that’s when they arrive), and while I was there I saw something wicked-cool. The new POP display in the store is a cardboard “standee” of Iron Man that is “crashing” through the ceiling of the store with a Dr. Pepper in his hand. Well, even cooler than the Standee itself, is the fact that the manager is going to give it to me after the end of the promotion. (Now I just have to make sure that I buy all of my IM toys from her, so she knows that I’m a regular.)

Anyways, here’s the toys for this week:

This pair of boy/girl toys are a War Machine figure and an Iron Man erasable message board. Last week's toys looked like this. Neat, eh?

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