Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All in color for a buck!

After the relative success of Watchman the Movie, Dc began re-issuing a number of their touchstone comics initial issues for a buck, with an “After Watchmen What's Next?” banner. These included Identity Crisis, Saga of the Swamp Thing, Kingdom Come and others.

I picked up several of those titles and rather enjoyed several of them. Well, Marvel has (finally) caught on with what a smooth marketing concept this is, and is re-issuing a few of their own recent comics for a buck under the “Marvel’s Greatest Comics” banner.

Now while I personally would argue with parts of this (and some of their choices), but I understand where they are coming from, and certainly applaud their (and DC’s) attempt to interest fans in other comics that they might have missed.

Personally, I think that (as I’ve stated previously) that both companies would sell more comics if they used less expensive (and totally necessary) paper stock and lowered the price point on their respective lines.

Again, the likelihood for that happening, is , well pretty much non-existent, but mostly because it makes way too much sense.

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