Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comicbook-wide crossover "Events"

I’m not a fan of blockbuster-style crossover event comics that involve the entire line of a company. I don’t care if it is DC, Marvel, Image, or anyone else. While these types of events might have worked in the past, when publishing houses were smaller, they certainly don’t work when there are 30 or 40 (or more) titles to ring in, or when they take a year or better to play out.

First of all, they disrupt the normal flow of events in any one particular title in that the writer of said title has to interrupt the ongoing flow of their narrative in order to shoehorn in some editorially-mandated “event.”

Point in Fact. I just finished reading Dark Avengers #15, and that team is still in NY, beating up on each other, while over in Siege, and Siege Embedded, they are out in Ohio, storming Asgard. It makes for a disruptive reading experience for those of us readers who actually are trying to follow what is going on in the comics.

As for me, I long ago gave up buying every single comic cited in a crossover event (only to discover only a single related panel). Still, I'm no fan of Event Comics (especially when one event dovetails into the next with no end in sight, and especially when there seem to be multiple multi-comic events going on involving essentially the same characters.

Personally, while I do enjoy a cohesive universe, I can do without every single comic needing to intersect with every other single comic in the line ever single month ad nausium.

I have a unique idea. How about just telling good stories each and every month? How about that?

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