Friday, March 05, 2010

Pronto Comics

So, last night I went into the city to meet some comicbook folks. These guys (and gals) are the driving force behind Pronto Comics, an indie consortium of funnybook folk who just want to get together and produce comics. They already have one out that is a collaborative collection of their members’ works.

I got a brief glimpse of it (I’ll have to go back to the site later on and pick up a copy, or I’ll get one from them when they show up at MoCCA-Fest (Saturday and Sunday, April 10 & 11, 2010).

I did manage to skim through it and, well it looked quite interesting. Anyways, a bit about the group. The members seem to span a wide range of fans, from folks who have never been published to folks who have more experience.

I did meet one very excited young lady (Janine Frederick), who was nearly jumping out of her skin as her on-line comic was leading the voting over at Zuda Comics for this month’s top strip. Her strip is called Assassin, and really is quite good (so good, in fact, that I not only registered at Zuda, but I voted for her as well), now I’m urging you all to do likewise.

As for the rest of the group. I really did enjoy meeting with them,and got tipped into some of their up-coming projects and am considering submitting stuff to them as well.


Dumok's Comics said...

Thanks Muchly for blogging about us here at pronto!

rjsodaro said...

My pleasure, and I almost forgot, I want to thank Achilles for inviting me to the meeting in the first place, and then for inviting me to come back next time!