Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty for the Defense

Back in January, I told you all about Liberty Comics, that I (re)joined the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and that I had ordered Liberty Comics #1 (I had found issue #2 on the shelf of my local comic book shop). Well, even though I had joined the CBLDF back then, it apparently took ‘til now to process it.

Not sure why this happened, but I’m not upset, I’m glad it finally came through, as I got to read this very cool comic. Mine cover-features Danger Girl by J. Scott Campbell (an alternate version features Hellboy by Mike Mignola).

The comic features a handful of stories from top creators, most of which revolve around the theme of censorship, so yeah, it is a very cool comic, and (of course) the money goes to a very good cause. So look the CBLDF up, and check them out!

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