Friday, March 26, 2010

Slick shiny things

OK, so I realize that as a culture we have a tendency to be distracted by pretty, shiny things and all, but really, can we stop? Am I the only only one who is driven to distraction by the slick, shiny interiors of today's funnybooks? I mean, seriously, perhaps it is because I wear glasses, but, these days, I’m having the damnedest time trying to read comics than I used to (and no, it is so NOT because I’m old), either.

No, it is because whenever I try to read a comic, these days, I find that I have to keep shifting the page back and forth so that the light source I'm using to read by, isn't so badly reflecting off the surface of the page that I often can't read it.

In fact, whenever I am reading a comic, I find myself wishing for the cheaper, flat surface of the old newsprint-style comics, so I can just read them without having to go through all the mechinations and contortions just to read them. I don’t have this problem with any of the slick color magazines I read, so why do comics have to be like this?

So they look “cooler”? I think not. I’m sure that most of the funnybook readers that I know would prefer to go to a cheaper (less expensive), form of (non-reflective) paper that would make the comicbook reading experience easier, and reduce the cover cost of the book (even by 50¢) a comic.

If Marvel, DC, Image, and the other companies want to know how to increase market share (and revenue), they should try something like this.

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