Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spidey in the morning

As I noted in an earlier post Around the time of Spider-Man 2 Kellogg’s issued a bunch of in-package toys with their Spidey-related tie-ins. A couple of these items were Spidey wrist-lasers or somesuch (I think that there were a total of four of them). Well, I have recently acquired two of the four. The first one appeared in that post I mention at the beginning of this entry, and this is the second one here.

Both of these items have mercury batteries inside the toys, so CT Attorney General Dick Blumenthal had them pulled at the time (some nonsense about the mercury being potentially hazardous to the health of small children). Well thankfully Mr. Blumenthal(who is an otherwise most excellent Attorney General for the Great Nutmeg State of Connecticut), only was able to pull the toys from, well, CT, and now — through the magic of ebay — I am able to acquire some of th3e Spidey toys that were denied to me back in 2004.

As stated, there very well might be two more of these “wrist lasers” out there, but for now I am (somewhat) mollified.

On a side note, I also did acquire a Superhero Squad “Iron Spider” figure, but it (unfortunately) arrived broken (one of the spider legs was lose and snapped off in my hand as I was removing it from the package). Needless to say, I contacted the seller who has very graciously has offered to replace the item for me.

Nice to know that there are still honorable merchants out there. When the good figure arrives, I'll share pics of that as well.

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