Monday, February 08, 2010

Cool Spidey Stuff

I recently acquired a couple of very cool Spidey stuff that I wanted to share with you all. First up is a Spider sticker for my car that actually got a while back and I showed you already, but it is a window cling that I attached to my car:

If you look close at the second picture, you'll see my reflection in the window behind Spidey.

Then then is a Scarlet Spidey Superhero Squad figure (very cool, as I hadn't been able to locate one of these — and wouldn’t have save for the magic of ebay). Now I just need to score an “Iron Spider-Man” Superhero Squad (as well as an action figure which I also don’t have).

And finally, here is a Spidey “wrist laser” that was available as a giveaway from Kellogg’s around the time that Spidey 2 was out (2004). I attempted to acquire the item at the time, but, well, CT Attorney General Dick Blumenthal forced Kellogg to pull the toy from cereal boxes due to the mercury battery inside the toy.

Kellogg Co. has stopped shipping cereal boxes with Spider-Man 2 premiums to Connecticut under pressure from the state's attorney general.

The Spidey-Signal toys have mercury batteries, which are illegal under Connecticut's Mercury Reduction Act and the Child Protection Act. Kellogg also stopped shipments to New Hampshire to comply with that state's environmental laws. Packages already on-shelf are being replaced now, says Kellogg spokesperson Celeste Clark.

I recall being very upset at the time, but, well, since I have one (and a second on the way), I’m feeling much better about it now.

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