Thursday, February 04, 2010

Spidey goes to Burger King!

Hey! I just learned that there are Spidey toys at Burger King this month (Feb). Not sure what the real-world media tie-in is for these (the last time Spidey appeared at a fast food place it was Micky D’s and it was tied to the new animated TV show).

Here is what the toys look like. I’m going to run out later today to grab up as many as I can, and then give you pics of the toys themselves (this image came from an ebay auction, which is already offering the toys for sale).

* * * UPDATE! * * * UPDATE! * * * UPDATE! * * *

I just learned that the Spidey toys apparently won’t be available until the weekend ( believe that Friday is the day where the toy is changed at BK). More as it develops.

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