Thursday, February 18, 2010

OK, I know that this has been widely reported elsewhere, but as Keven Smith is is not only a favorite filmmaker of mine, and a writer of comics, I felt that I wanted to talk a little bit about this as well. Just recently Smith boarded a South West Airline plane and, the pilot cames up to him and told him to get his lard ass off the plane because he was too fat to fit inside their jumbo jet. Yeah, nice, eh?

As many of you already know -- because Tweets travel faster than airplanes -- Kevin Smith, the portly film director of the movie "Clerks" and the upcoming film "Cop Out," was "politely" asked to disembark from his Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank because he was too large to fit in the seat.

Okay, let's be frank: He was kicked off the flight. The reason he was given was that his size infringed upon the space of the person sitting next to him and it could cause a safety risk in case of an emergency.

Well, Smith is something of a media-savvy kind of guy, so he wasn't about to take an affront this, ah, huge, sitting down (or walking off, as it were). Plus, as a very popular director, writer, and all-round digitally-plugged in guy, he immediately alerted his fans.

Smith — the Red Bank-born director known for his "Silent Bob" character in "Clerks" — unleashed a barrage of more than 200 Twitter posts and produced a lengthy podcast slamming Southwest for kicking him off the plane for being too obese to fit in his seat.

"I’m way fat, but I’m not there just yet," Smith twittered.

Yeah, Smith is exactly the kind of guy that I'm going to want to embarrass.

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