Friday, February 12, 2010

Manga is a crime?

No, really, I was just made aware of this report where a comicbook fan named, Christopher Handley, was sentenced on Wednesday to six months in the federal prison system for the “possession of obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children,” (that is to say, manga).

The U.S. Attorney described Handley in his sentencing brief in a way that could probably describe many manga fans. “His primary means of social interaction with others has not been involvement in the community, but has been playing online role-playing games,” the brief said of Handley. “Mr. Handley recognizes that these hobbies have been a compulsion, causing him to incur ‘significant debt from buying various Japanese art forms’ and ‘upgrading his computer system.’” The sentencing brief also described the results of a psychological exam of Handley.

The prosecution’s sentencing brief also listed the seven manga that were in the package intercepted by the postal inspector:

• Book 1) “unfinished school girl” (presented by TAMACHI YUKI) (LE Comics);
Book 2) “I ! DOLL” (MAKAFUSIGI presents) (Seraphim Comics);
Book 3) “for ESSENTIAL 3" (THE ANIMAL SEX ANTHOLOGY Vol.3) (Izumi Comics);
Book 4) “NEKOGEN, Neighboring House Family” (MD Comics);
Book 5) ISBN4-89465-172-6 (No English language title found) (Seraphim Comics);
Book 6) ISBN4-89465-222-6 (No English language title found) (Seraphim Comics); and
Book 7) ISBN4-89465-193-9 (No English language title found) (Seraphim Comics).

This is a serious travesty.

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