Thursday, November 05, 2009

Toys’ is Us!

Hollywoodland has gone toy crazy. Given the success of the recent slate of toy-based films (Transformers, GI Joe, et. al), many producers are looking for the next big cash cow:

Soon to be starring in his own feature-length film with Universal Pictures: Stretch Armstrong, the pliant, muscle-bound doll whose roots go back to the 1970s. Big Wheel, the plastic tricycle, has its own TV show in the works. Even the board game Risk has a deal for a film, to be co-produced by star Will Smith.

While more can be found in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, this blogger is looking for one of his favorite childhood toys, The Outer Space Men to make it to the big screen. These toys have already had a very delightful graphic novel published about them and Eric Hayes who wrote the graphic novel.

If Hollywood was smart it would snatch up this property and adapt Eric’s wicked-cool story as the basis for the film.

We can only hope.

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